Dinovember 2019

James bear lambeosaurus

Day 13 Lambeosaurus

James bear lambeosaurusplain
James bear baryonyx

Day 15 Baryonyx "Heavy Claw"

James bear baryonyxplain
James bear carnotaurus

Day 26 a late Carnotaurus "Meat Eating Bull".

James bear carnoplain
James bear styracosaurus

Decided to deviate from the prompts and go with one of my favs Styracosaurus. Ended up rushing this guy a bit but I am still satisfied with how this came out.

James bear styracosaurusplain
James bear therizinosaurus

Day 29 The big bird that would give any would be predator Claws for concern, the one the only Therizinosaurus!

James bear therizinosaurusplain
James bear spinosaurus01

Late day 30. The old emperor of the river Spinosaurus!

James bear spinosaurus02
James bear spinosaurusplain01
James bear spinosaurusplain02

A collection of one day sculpts I did for dinovember, and I gotta say it was a Dino-mite time!